Italian Juggling Festival 2013

Italian Juggling Festival 2013

Renegade Juggling will be attending the Italian Juggling festival May 1-5, 2013. This festival¬†Convention di Giocoleria della Brianza¬†will be our first Italian festival in a very long time, the last one was the Verona EJC festival (1991). We ( Iman and Tom) will be arriving on April 18th and stay in Italy till May 11th. We also plan to go to Rome for a week during our trip stay with the famous Freak-a-Tony’s; Dado, Marko and Mateo. If you are going to the festival and want us to bring some props for you, email tomrenegadejuggling@gmail com and we will bring anything you want to the festival ( no walking globes or big props). We plan of bringing mostly odd RdL props with us, and not much stock as we do not have much room in our baggage. Iman will be performing her solo clowning show and give some workshops. This is a rare chance to see some high quality Eccentric performing. Iman’s show was directed and inspired by Avner the Eccentric and Julie Goell.

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