New eight ring, or 8ring

eight ring

The new performance quality eight ring

The new eight ring, this is the updated version, we had been making a prototype ring by welding two solo rings together, but that had a visible seam, which was not good for isolation tricks.

The ring is cut out of sheet plastic with a water jet cutter, which shoot a very thin stream of water that cuts through the plastic. It is CNC controlled so the parts come out perfect. We will now start producing other show quality rings developed by RdL,

This ring is 29″ X 15″, it is 3/16″ thick. In metric that is 74cm x 39 cm, 5mm thick. (weight 372 grams) Unbreakable plastic.

If you look at the post below you can see some video of how this ring can be used. Though  some RdL members are working on new material with this ring, when I get some video I will post it. The 8ring has a lots of potential for new and interesting juggling manipulation tricks

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