Renegade Juggling youtube channel

Renegade Juggling has started a new youtube channel, we are going to focus on old footage from Renegade Shows, juggling festivals and other events. We are trying to contact each performer to check with them that it is ok to use the footage, but sometimes we don’t know who it is, or forgot their names. If you see any footage and know the name of the performer let us know so we can contact them.

Our idea is to construct a historical library of classic footage, so young or new jugglers can look at older performances to be inspired and educated about the art from. We will not have any instructional or demonstration video, only live performances.

If you have any old footage you would like to include in the collect we will be adding a download option on our website where you will be able to load the footage to the Renegade Juggling website. This is in the works and maybe in a few months will be working.

Renegadejuggling,  our youtube channel is where we are housing the clips for now, in a month or two they will be moved to our website. The video content served by us rather than youtube. We hope to have 200-300 clips by the end of the year. Below is our most popular clip so far.

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