Italian Juggling Festival 2013

Italian Juggling Festival 2013

Renegade Juggling will be attending the Italian Juggling festival May 1-5, 2013. This festival Convention di Giocoleria della Brianza will be our first Italian festival in a very long time, the last one was the Verona EJC festival (1991). We ( Iman and Tom) will be arriving on April 18th and stay in Italy till May 11th. We also plan to go to Rome for a week during our trip stay with the famous Freak-a-Tony’s; Dado, Marko and Mateo. If you are going to the festival and want us to bring some props for you, email tomrenegadejuggling@gmail com and we will bring anything you want to the festival ( no walking globes or big props). We plan of bringing mostly odd RdL props with us, and not much stock as we do not have much room in our baggage. Iman will be performing her solo clowning show and give some workshops. This is a rare chance to see some high quality Eccentric performing. Iman’s show was directed and inspired by Avner the Eccentric and Julie Goell.

Juggling Rings Case Study

RdL, Renegadesignlab a research and development project that Renegade Juggling is a founding member, has undertaken a study of the solid plastic juggling rings. Currently solid plastic rings, are only made in a couple of sizes. The most common size standard ring for solo numbers juggling made by Babache, Absolute(Beard), Goudurix, Dube, and Play Juggling, is about 12.75 inch (32cm) diameter. With the ring width at about 1.4 inches. Dube’s Airflights are the largest at 33cm and the rest are very close to 32.5cm. A larger size 40cm, is made by Babashe and Play. This ring is used and well liked,  but is generally though to be to heavy/large for solo numbers ring juggling. The only other size made is 24cm Babache ring, which is too small for any technical ring juggling. So in summery we only have three sizes, too big (40cm), too small (24cm), and the middle size (32.5cm) the best size available.

As far as we can tell there is no reason for this middle sized ring,  it was copied historically from one prop maker to the next. Legend has is that one of the first production ring was made by Juggle Bug and it’s size was based on a jar lid or kitchen plate to make a circle for the drawing.
The other commonality is that they are all round, both inside and outside. A ring. It is thought that the juggling ring was actually an adaptation of the juggling plate. Maybe moving back towards the plate would be better than moving farther away from it, so the shape as well comes into question. Is it really best to be a round ring?
One of the biggest factor is weigh. They cannot be to light, or they bounce out of your hands, and they cannot be to heavy or they hurt your hands. The ideal weight range is between 90 grams and about 125 grams, very similar to a juggling ball.
The next is stiffness, if the ring is too flexible when you throw it, it will flex and cause the ring to wobble on the release. This stiffness is regulated by the type of plastic used, thickness of the plastic and width of the ring. In the RdL study we are going to use 1/8 inch thick polypropylene sheet plastic. The reason being, it has good stiffness, durability and it is no too expensive to buy. The other option would be (ABS) Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene maybe a better material, slightly stiffer, but it is not commonly made smooth on both sides. It always has texture on one side, which would not be good for juggling, one side smooth and the other side textured. Historically the first juggling rings where made of wood, before plastic was available, it would be possible to make them out of wood but it does not have good durability compared to plastics.
Above is a drawing of the first proto-types made for the study. The rings are now going out for testing. Wes Peden, Tony Pezzo, Patrik Elmnert, Erik Aberg and Jay Gilligan are heading up the testing phase. You could also be part of the project, these one of kind proto-types are for sale on the renegade website. This project is dedicated to the memory of Luke Wilson, one the founders of RdL and still a inspiration.

Santa Cruz Juggling Festival, 4th annual Renegade Happy Hour

The 4th Annual Juggling festival is coming up quick. Renegade is sponsoring a happy hour at our shop. We will be grilling up hotdogs, and serving ice cold beer, (for the grown ups) and sodas. The shop will be open all day and we will start cooking around 3:00 pm-6:00 pm. Come by, check out some juggling props, have a few cold beers and some dogs. We will have some samples of the new Hybrid Play/Renegade Juggling clubs, and  8 ring to check out. We also have lots of new Play juggling balls and other new props. The public show doors will open at 6:30 right after happy hour. It is about a 5-10 minute drive from UCSC to our shop at 727 Almar Ave.

New eight ring, or 8ring

eight ring

The new performance quality eight ring

The new eight ring, this is the updated version, we had been making a prototype ring by welding two solo rings together, but that had a visible seam, which was not good for isolation tricks.

The ring is cut out of sheet plastic with a water jet cutter, which shoot a very thin stream of water that cuts through the plastic. It is CNC controlled so the parts come out perfect. We will now start producing other show quality rings developed by RdL,

This ring is 29″ X 15″, it is 3/16″ thick. In metric that is 74cm x 39 cm, 5mm thick. (weight 372 grams) Unbreakable plastic.

If you look at the post below you can see some video of how this ring can be used. Though  some RdL members are working on new material with this ring, when I get some video I will post it. The 8ring has a lots of potential for new and interesting juggling manipulation tricks

Renegade EightRing

Renegade EightRing proto type

We currently are selling a proto-type eight ring on our website. This ring is two solo rings welded together. The design for this prop was first shown a few years back at the Renegadesignlab website. This shape was created by Jay Gilligan and Peter Åberg. in 2007 (?)

Since then, it is has taken off in the contact juggling community. Most people are using two 40cm juggling rings taped together. I just made a autocad drawing for a eight ring to be water jet cut, out of 3/16 sheet ABS plastic. I went for a 15 inch ring diameter. In one sheet of plastic will produce 9 rings. We will be testing this first batch to see how this size, plastic, thickness and weight works out.

I did not include the hole in the middle but maybe this is a good idea? Problem is that is ruins the illusion if your are using it for contact juggling. There are a few Japanese EightRing youtube video clips that are pretty cool looking.

Renegade at EJC 2012

EJC 2012 Lublin Poland, convention site

EJC 2012 Lublin Poland, convention site

Reneade Juggling will be going to Poland for this years EJC, Eruopean Juggling Convention. We will be sharing a vending table with Play, from Italy.

This year we will bring some of the new hybrid clubs which are made from a combination of Play clubs parts (Px3) and Renegade Club parts. We also will be showing some new props from Renegadesignlab and other Renegade juggling props that are not common in Europe.

If your are interested in getting some props form us there, drop us a line and we will bring what you want to the festival.

Free shipping to Europe, if you pick up the order at the festival.

We are starting our Vodka training sessions now, trying to get into shape for what will be another fantastic EJC event. Not to be missed.

Training with Orzel Vodka, made in Lublin Poland

Renegade Juggling youtube channel

Renegade Juggling has started a new youtube channel, we are going to focus on old footage from Renegade Shows, juggling festivals and other events. We are trying to contact each performer to check with them that it is ok to use the footage, but sometimes we don’t know who it is, or forgot their names. If you see any footage and know the name of the performer let us know so we can contact them.

Our idea is to construct a historical library of classic footage, so young or new jugglers can look at older performances to be inspired and educated about the art from. We will not have any instructional or demonstration video, only live performances.

If you have any old footage you would like to include in the collect we will be adding a download option on our website where you will be able to load the footage to the Renegade Juggling website. This is in the works and maybe in a few months will be working.

Renegadejuggling,  our youtube channel is where we are housing the clips for now, in a month or two they will be moved to our website. The video content served by us rather than youtube. We hope to have 200-300 clips by the end of the year. Below is our most popular clip so far.

Levi Stick or Dancing Cane

Levistick or Fire Dancing Cane

The all new Levi Stick imported from germany

The Levistick or Flow Stick is a adaptation of the Dancing Cane a very old (1800′s ?) classic magic trick.The adaptation of the dancing cane to use as  a fire prop is pretty new, maybe in the last 5 years it has become more common. The name Levistick is also a new term which has surfaced in the last 5 years or so, as far as I know. Flow Stick maybe the last year or two. I think the name of this prop should be Fire Dancing Cane, so the name represent its historical roots.

There is a good collection of Dancing Cane video clips on

This shows most of the classic moves, of which, some could be adapted to the fire version of this magic prop. There are also several magic based instructional videos on this topic I have heard that Dancing Cane 101 by David Mann is a good beginner introduction to this prop. You can also buy it as a computer download.

I have seen several comedy magic routines, Haggie Oegemann, (sp)  performed this at   Moisture Festival in Seattle several time, where it appears that the cane is attacking him. I think that would be a good adaptation with a Fire Dancing Cane, where the cane is trying to catch you on fire, that could be a nice routine.

For the illusion to work you really need to see the performer,  so adapting this to a fire props is not perfect but can work with enough ambient lighting.